Maureen Lantz

A native Southern Californian, I have been developing my yoga practice since 1996 and teaching since 2001. Both my
parents were math and science educators and I saw how much joy they received from sharing their knowledge with others, and how much they learned from their students. Their influence drew me to teaching, along with my love of movement and the philosophy of yoga and ayurveda.  I am also a certified massage therapist.

Based out of the Downtown LA Arts District in an airy open studio, I practice massage and teach private yoga and meditation classes, along with other yoga blended classes, drawing from my training in Sivananda, Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Qi Gong. I bring my honesty, expertise and compassion to each class and keep an organic flow to my classes to adjust and adapt to the class dynamic.

I have had the opportunity to consult and appear on the program “The Doctors" and the pleasure to act as a yoga consultant for both the annual downtown Discovery Bike Ride and the CELA annual conference, as well as devoting many hours to volunteering my time as both a massage therapist and yoga teacher at the Downtown Women’s Center.

"I bring my honesty, expertise and compassion to each class. 
I keep an organic flow to my classes, always adjusting and adapting to the class dynamic."